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August 2nd, 2016 by J

Before Brazilian model, Alessandra Ambrosio, gets to strut her stuff on the runway, she does something for her handlers that most people will find surprising. This is when she gets trained to build that self-confidence by flashing her fine breasts and bald pussy in public. They do this because models are expected to show their naked selves in front of the entire world when the need arises and if the event’s theme calls for it. Watch her go wild as she expose those juggs and warm cunt on cam.

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April 2nd, 2016 by J

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One of Forbes’ highest-paying models all over the globe, Alessandra Ambrosio can pretty much get whatever she wants. Also, she was included in People magazine as one of the 100 Most Beautiful People in the World, which sums up how much of a complete package her entire life is. You would be green with envy now knowing that she’s got a life of a queen living in all these money and fame and that she’s simply perfect but you need to know that this Victoria Secret Angel has her insecurities too. So much so that she went under the knife to ‘correct’ something about her physically.

Although it’s nothing major, consider yourselves imperfect just as how incomplete Alessandra would feel about her at times. During some low points of her life, Alessandra resort to just letting loose and going crazy specifically when it comes to pleasure. Having two kids, she still has time to do some kinky role playing when feeling naughty. She likes getting filmed by her lovers too while she goes about teasing them, sucking their dick, and begging them to fuck her as rough as they can. She looks delish in uniform, better than her Angel costumes on the runway.

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August 16th, 2010 by LimaBean

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Why are Brazilian models are so fucking hot?! And one of the hottest pieces of ass to ever come out of that Latin American country is Alessandra Amrosio. A lithe brunette with a signature navel piercing, Alessandra was one of the many international models to make a big splash in the late ‘90s as seen in these sexy nude photos of Alessandra Amrosio.

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These are awesome shots of Alessandra’s heavenly tits! Just look at her spreading those butt cheeks exposing her tight ass for the world to see. These pictures just makes you want to ram your dick up her butt and pussy. Just use your imagination and I’m sure you pervs will be satisfied. If you want more arousing images of Alessandra and other famous exotic supermodels, then look no further and just click this link – Alessandra Amrosio Nude. I’ll personally guarantee your satisfaction while you browse through our collection of naked photos and videos of the beautiful and voluptuous hottie Alessandra Amrosio.

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Alessandra can now also add “bond girl” to her resume, this Latina hottie made a very brief appearance as “Tennis Girl” in the James Bond film Casino Royale starring Daniel Craig. This fuckable hottie is currently one of the Victoria’s Secret Angels.

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April 16th, 2010 by LimaBean

Mmmmm!  Now we’ve got an even better dirty pic from Alessandra Ambrosio here in our pages.  And that’s a picture of Alessandra touching her sweet little poontang!  I say sweet because I imagine that’s how it would taste.  Alessandra Ambrosio must have a vagina that’s sugar and spice and everything nice, as they say.  It’s the Nectar of the Gods, or rather the pussy juice that drips out of it is.  Now that’s what I think about her clitty.  As you can tell, I think about it a lot!

And she probably thinks the same too, because she’s caressing it lovingly in this photo, teasing the outer lips with care and holding off her orgasm with barely controlled lust.  You know she wants to bury her fingers in her muff so bad, but she’s taking it slow, not driving right into cum city but rather taking the scenic route.  Now I’d like to take the scenic route too, but all this juicy Alessandra Ambrosio porn has me gunning the engines hard to reach the other side!  You can do the same thing from the comfort of your own living room by clicking on Alessandra Ambrosio Nude, which is something that your dick will definitely appreciate.

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Hmm… I guess Victoria Secret‘s image model Alessandra Ambrosio has found another way to enjoy her career as a model and this time, no fancy big-named fashion brands, no flashy dresses or super sexy lingerie… she just lets it all hang loose and bare herself fully naked! Come to think of it, it’s a swell idea for Alessandra to get herself photographed in the nude and I bet all the guys out there would want to see more of this Latina model in her birthday suit, and so we did a little researching and found a bunch of these hot photos of Alessandra posing and showing off that sweet, smooth pussy of hers.

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This has got to be the motherload of all the sleazy Alessandra Ambrosio stuff we got in our collection and if you think that seeing her modeling those flashy, expensive and skimpy clothes can get you really horny, wait ‘till you get to lay your eyes on these mind-blowing nude photos of Alessandra that had surfaced recently and you will get nothing but her, her naked body… period! No clothes or fancy shit on her, just one butt-naked babe ‘modeling’ her tits, ass and pussy before the camera. Truly the heavens are smiling upon us and now you get to see this pretty Brazilian model do what she does best aside from running down the catwalk or striking a pose during a photo shoot.

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Straight out of Brazil and into the glitzy and glamorous world of fashion, Alessandra Ambrosio is the new ‘it’ girl on today’s runway and just like what Tyra Banks have mentioned about this Latina supermodel, she is ‘the future of the modeling world.” And aside from being a model, Alessandra is one of the hottest women on the planet and she is definitely on every guys’ mind when it comes to her exceptional beauty and gorgeous figure. The mere thought of her can get you really hot under the collar and there’s no doubt about it that she will continue to make heads turn and rake in the money for the next couple of years or so. So what makes her tick? Well, these sexy lingerie pictures are enough to answer that question.

From various fashion magazine shoots to her stint with Victoria’s Secret, we have all of those uber sexy photos of Alessandra scantily clad in lingerie while striking a provocative pose after another as she teases your senses with her awesome sex appeal by showing off “some skin” and getting us all sweaty and drooling from start to finish. Better get that mouse moving and click here and get all dreamy with her exciting stuff plus so much more only at Alessandra Ambrosio Nude.

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Alessandra Ambrosio is the hottest model in the fashion industry to date and she has been gracing covers of magazines and walking down the runway for some of the world’s top fashion designers. She has worn over a hundred different wardrobes and bikini lingerie from the conservative to the more revealing ones, and I’m pretty much sure that you guys out there wouldn’t want to see her fully clothed… well, you are in luck since the guys have gathered some of Alessandra’s hot images taken from several of her past photo shoots where you get to see a sexy glimpse of her tits while wearing those skimpy, see-through tops while posing before the camera or as she breezes through the catwalk.

Isn’t it nice to see this lovely Brazilian model do her thing while you stare at her beautiful face and at the same time glue your eyes on her lovely bosom as you get a little stiff underneath? Anyways, here are some of those hot titty photos of Alessandra you’ve always wanted to see and if you just couldn’t get enough of what you’re seeing, then check out the complete collection at Alessandra Ambrosio Nude today.